Trump’s PR problems are more serious than I thought

Trump’s PR problems are more serious than I thought

Just before election day I wrote about Donald Trump’s Public Relations problem.  I argued his most serious problem was the alienation of mainstream Republican voters, and a large number of it’s elected officials. We all know what happened.

Damaging relationships with voters

Fast forward to today – January 19th 2017 – the day before Donald Trump’s inauguration. Trump’s public relations problems are even more serious as President than they were as the Republican candidate. In the weeks since Americans went to the polls Donald Trump appears to have already damaged his relationship with those that voted for him. He appears to already backtracked on many of his campaign promises – and selected, almost exclusively, billionaires and multi-millionaires as his Cabinet picks.

Donald Trump has, however, driven a wedge between himself and the Unites States Intelligence agencies. Many Republican Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen have said they won’t attend the inauguration ceremony.


Making America Great Again?

Donald Trump promised to make America Great again. The question now is for whom?

The people who believed he was going to “drain the swamp” of self-serving politicians? Those who believed President Trump would fight for their rights? The voters that bought in to his campaign promise to Make America Great Again. The millions that will, it appears, be left without healthcare coverage if he repeal’s the Affordable Care Act without providing a viable replacement.

The millions that voted for him are likely to become President Trump’s biggest PR headache!

The damage done to these relationships will define his Presidency. For a President with one of the lowest approval ratings for anybody entering the Oval Office, he faces an almost insurmountable task from day 1. Trash-talking his opponents on Twitter will, ultimately, only make the situation worst. Bragging about his perceived achievements will only make them push back harder.

So, as President Trump enters 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue tomorrow afternoon he has a major PR problem. Time will tell whether or not he has the temperament and skills necessary to rebuild damaged relationships. Trump’s supporters signed up to a movement in order to, they thought, bring positive change to Washington. They won’t be happy if they don’t get it.  President Trump needs to change his strategy in order to win the plaudits he do obviously seeks.

Rebuilding key relationships

Trump needs to rebuild these key relationships in order to salvage his Presidency.  I’m not optimistic.