Developing Brand

Brand is an overused and often misunderstood concept.

A brand is the sum of an organization’s core values as seen by the people that experience it.  It requires a set of core values, established by the organization and communicated as a brand promise.

A brand promise is a commitment to live and breathe its core values in everything it says and does in the pursuit of the mission and purpose of the organization.

In order for a brand to be quantified and assessed it requires evidence to be provided – whether through everyday experiences of its products or services or operationally via internal systems and processes. This is known as Brand Evidence.

By measuring evidence that supports an organizations brand promise – using controlled experiments – to see whether it is perceived as demonstrating a commitment to live and breathe the core values that make up its brand promise, it is possible to determine an organizations brand.  The consensus – from customers, prospects, investors, team members, etc. – whether the evidence demonstrates an organization lives and breathes its brand promise ultimately determines an organization’s brand.

Using scientific method to develop, communicate and measure brand, organizations can also calculate the value of a brand in both quantitative and qualitative measures.

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