Look, Squirrel. Donald Trump’s Distraction Strategy

Pure Distraction

First it was an accusation that President Obama “wiretapping” Trump Tower. Then it was that Obama hadn’t wiretapped Trump Tower, per se, but had conducted surveillance. Next it was based on media reports. Then it’s that rather than use a US agency, Obama had used UK spy agency GCHQ.

Today it is accusations that the DNC somehow blocked an FBI attempt to investigate connections between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Russians. Oh, and Eric and his wife are expecting. Coincidence? Not a chance!

It’s no coincidence that the latest accusations and Eric’s announcement come on the day that FBI Director James Comey publicly announced the agency is investigating the Trump campaign for links to Russians.  Comey also stated that the FBI and DOJ have no evidence that supports the President’s claims he was surveilled on Barack Obama’s orders.

Look… Squirrel!!

It’s a typical distraction strategy.  When you have something to hide, rather than risk having to answer awkward questions why not divert attention. Trump and his administration – largely through Sean Spicer – has adopted a classic distraction strategy from his first day in office. Don’t want to talk about something? Look! Squirrel!

As a communications specialist, it suggests the administration has something to hide. If there was evidence to support his tweets about Obama, why not just provide it. Rather than trying to claim that the democrats (or the media) are distracting the administration why not focus on the work being done to implement Trump campaign pledges that would, he claimed, Make America Great Again.

The problem for Trump is that the media are smarter than that. The public are smarter than to fall for the administration’s tactics. The accusations are serious ones (both those made by Trump and against him) and if there eh would do better to address those against him and provide evidence to support those he makes.

“Fool me once, shame on you;
fool me twice, shame on me”

His continued attempts to distract focus from accusations against him only make people question whether Trump and his administration have something to hide. To quote English writer George Horne, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. The American public is not about to be be fooled twice.