A message to social media wizards, sorceresses, ninjas, concierges & jedi

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Stop it. Please. You’re doing yourself and the industry a disservice – and it has to stop.

A few years ago I met a social media ‘ninja’ who says he has just a year of social media experience – and admits he knows nothing about marketing or public relations. He told me he can’t believe he gets paid for ‘doing a few updates on Facebook and Twitter’ and, having taken a look at his handiwork, neither can I. The trend appeared to be dying but recently I’ve seen a worrying increase in supposed “social media superheroes”.

A message to all the social media ninjas, jedi, concierges and wizards…

The problem is not the ninja, or his peers in the fantasy world of social media. It’s us.

We let them get away with it because we just laugh or raise our eyebrows at them behind their backs. But, when they start to do my industry a disservice then it’s no longer a joking matter. It’s time we called them on it. They’re charging customers money for something that, in most cases, delivers little or no tangible value.

Ask yourself this question: would you get on a plane with an airplane wizard [with one year’s experience] at the controls, or have your car serviced by an automotive Jedi? Would you take an accountant seriously if they were a financial rockstar?!

Every time I see a social media Jedi I want to say, ‘Use twitter you must not’ or ‘Use the Facebook Luke… but use it wisely’. But I don’t. I want to challenge the Ninjas to a battle with communications nunchucks! I joke about it, but it’s a serious matter – these people need calling out and banishing to a Rakata Mind Prison for social eternity. This includes the self-titled ‘experts’ and the people who should know better… like Gerry Moran – (still?) Head of Social Media for SAP in North America. Gerry wrote this nonsense a couple of weeks ago about learning to be a social media Jedi in 5 steps.

But I don’t. Because it’s pointless. It would only fuel their weird game. It is a game, right? They don’t really think they’re wizards or ninjas? Social sorceresses?!

To quote Yoda, “When you look at the dark side, careful you must be…for the dark side looks back.” Next time you encounter a social media ninja, guru, rockstar, wizard or expert ask them to prove it! I dare you!