The Value of Building Relationships

Part of the role of a public relations practitioner is to help others to build key strategic relationships.

The key is that we don’t build them on others behalf.  As we all know from our personal lives, the value of any relationship is in being an active participant; being a participant – rather than somebody that simply turns up when we need benefit the relationship. If a third party builds the relationship on behalf of another then they, ultimately, own the benefit.

There is also a misconception that even if people have been able to build relationships on behalf of others that it is something that can be replicated by default.  Relationships are contextual and rely on the mutual benefit between the parties participating in it and, irrespective of the skills of an individual to build relationships, without the presence of a mutual benefit it will be practically impossible for anybody to build a relationship that has any value.  For the individual or the organization they represent.