Measuring Marketing is Binary

Measuring Marketing Is Binary

Marketing has become overly complex. Many of the articles I read on the topic, whether traditional – analogue – marketing or using new online platforms and digital tools, fail to explain the essence of marketing. Ask many marketing ‘professionals’ to define marketing and they’d fail to do it in a single sentence.

Marketing is simple

Marketing is all about compelling a defined person or group to take a specific action. That’s it. Marketing isn’t about the tools or platforms. For startups and small businesses the action needs to have a commercial value – but not necessarily one that can be quantified in dollars and cents.

Measuring Marketing Is Binary

So, if marketing is about actions, measuring it becomes simple. It’s a binary measurement. If the person, or people, you want to take an action takes it then marketing was successful. If they did not, marketing was not successful.

It’s that simple.