Change the way you purchase public relations and marketing

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PR agency beauty Pageant

Hiring a PR company is a bit like a beauty pageant. Having made a long list of potential suppliers, a short-list is invited to pitch. Each firm presents a comprehensive programme of research, media relations, content creation, social media and influencer marketing. An agency calls it a strategy.

The pitch is presented by a team of senior agency executives, making ridiculous promises that it knows are unlikely to be delivered.  Junior Account Managers will be swapped out once the business has been secured.

The process takes 4 weeks at best.  12 weeks at worst.  In the time between an agency brief is issued to when an agency is hired the goals or the context have likely changed. Nevertheless, the agency delivers the tactical activities it promised in its pitch.

Strategic PR and marketing advice on demand

But what if you could get the strategic help you needed today. No beauty pageant. No time spent shortlisting firms. You can say goodbye to agency pitches and unfulfillable promises.

What if you could get help growing your business today? Get strategic advice from PR and marketing specialists – rather than a laundry list of tactics presented as a custom strategy?

Change the way you purchase PR and marketing at COMMS.BAR