Change the way you pay for public relations and marketing

Change the way you pay public relations marketing

The starting price for hiring a traditional public relations agency is $15,000, plus taxes.  The average monthly retainer fee is upwards of $5000 per month and most want a minimum of a three month commitment.  That’s before you’ve even started to do anything.

In return an agency will sell you a combination of pre-determined services. Media pitching, content creation, content marketing, social media management and, increasingly, influencer relations are the defaults.

It shouldn’t be like that.

Pay As You Grow PR Advice

Entrepreneurs need strategic advice, rather than tactical implementation.  Startups and small businesses need to be able to control their PR spend as their business dictates.

They need bitesize payment options, that allow them to pay as they grow.  Every entrepreneur should be able to afford to get help with public relations and strategy – it’s a critical part of growing a business.  Entrepreneurs need to make PR investments based on results, rather than lock-ins.

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