The Views Expressed Here Are Mine AND Those Of My Employer

“Views expressed are mine and not those of my employer” is a phrase that appears in many twitter profiles – and it’s meaningless.  Whether the individual promotes the company they work for – as is often the case – or it’s just that your followers know who you work for, the views and opinions expressed on an individuals twitter account can be associated with an employer.

It may not be the view of the company but, they if employed somebody with the views being express and, rightly or wrongly, may be associated with them – whether the individual claims ownership or not.  Brand is, after all about perception – not reality and if a company is perceived to have employees with particular opinions the image of that company could be impacted by the views of the individuals they employ.

So, before you tweet, remember that EVERYTHING you say could be perceived to be the view of your employer – whether you intend it to, or not.

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