Nobody cares about BlackBerry anymore

Nobody cares about BlackBerry anymore.  

I’ve been talking about what I perceive are the reasons for the company’s demise in recent years.  There’s a long list from product market fit to a failure to grasp the fundamental shifts in consumer tastes; a failure to understand what its customers wanted to abysmal marketing and PR strategies.  But BlackBerry faces its biggest problem yet.  It’s one that no company wants to find itself in.  It is almost always fatal.

The truth is that nobody cares about it anymore.

Startup and SmallBiz PR and marketing tip:  Stay focused on the value you deliver that nobody else can and reinforce this wherever possible. When nobody cares about your company it’s over.

What is public relations?

Public relations is a process of strategically building mutually beneficial relationships with the people that matter most to the growth of a small or early-stage business.