From Business Model Innovation To Go-To-Marketing


Re-thinking Corporate Communications Departments

One of the biggest challenges for organizations is breaking down the silos between communications and other business functions.

Within communications, there is also the challenge of identifying the role each discipline plays and the remit of each in relation to the others. The Lean Communications Periodic Table™, Framework™ and Methodology™ address these issues to create a seamlessly integrated process, where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

The Lean Communications Periodic Table™ elements also make it easy to understand the specific roles of both marketing (three Ps) and marketing communications (fourth P) and the role that public relations (building and maintaining strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with key stakeholders) plays in building an effective multi-disciplinary communications strategy.

Product Development

– designers, commercialization

Market Interface

– sales, customer support

– customer relationship management

– public relations

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