Why public relations is infrastructure – not a plugin

Why public relations is infrastructure – not a plugin

Public relations has a reputation for being something businesses turn to when they need to generate awareness.  It’s something that most founders want to turn on – like a tap – when they need it expecting almost instant results. But, it doesn’t work like that.  Turning on a tap when you’ve not installed the pipework needed to get the water from the main to the tap inevitably ends in disappointment.

Rather than being seen as a utility, public relations should be treated as infrastructure. It is the business plumbing that allows for taps to added where needed and turned on and off as required to support the commercial needs of the business. It ensures that when you turn on a tap the water flows.

Public relations is the infrastructure on which successful businesses are built – and like any infrastructure programme it requires careful planning. The right strategy will build strong, actionable relationships with the people that are critical to the achievement of commercial milestones.  The right pr strategy helps small and early-stage businesses weather the inevitable storms that all businesses face.  It is an investment in the long-term success of a business, rather than something that is plugged in when you need press coverage.

Unlike physical infrastructure projects constructing a public relations infrastructure doesn’t require a lot of financial investment.  What investment it does require can – if planned correctly – can be spread over many months.

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