What Is The Right Delivery Mechanism For PR?

In this edition of the THINK PR Espresso we talk about the right delivery channel.

Social Media is touted by many as being the silver bullet for marketeers and PR people – it is a must-have tool for all organizations in order to deliver messages, content and to communicate with their audiences in real-time. It’s not true.

The truth is that there is no default delivery mechanism – social or otherwise – that will guarantee that you’re able to build mutually beneficial relationships between your organization and its audiences – it depends on your your business culture, your products and services and, most importantly, your audience. These factors, along with your message and timing will determine the best delivery mechanism.

The rule of thumb is that in order to have a conversation you need to be in the same place as your audience -whether that’s physically or virtually – and you need to understand how they use each mechanism or platform. This will enable you to develop a strategy to deliver the right message to your audience using the most appropriate platform.

I always tell people about Apple – arguably the best example of social media communications we have. And, yet they use none of the established social platforms. It always amazes me that more companies don’t follow their lead.

I’ll tell that story in more detail in a future PR espresso.

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