BBC Apprentice Series 12 Episode 8 – London Landmarks

BBC Apprentice Series 12 Episode 8 – London Landmarks

The task in Episode 8 of The Apprentice Season 12 is to put on an event at one of two London landmark venues.  I’ve chosen to select Madam Tussauds for the purposes of this blog.

The obvious draw here is the celebrities.  We live in a selfie-obsessed world – so Celebrity Selfies seems to be a perfect event to attract guests.  Guests will take standard smartphone pictures but in addition attendees could also be offered the chance to have a professional picture taken with their celebrity (or celebrities of choice) at additional cost to bring in additional revenue

Food is an important part of every event.  I’d cater a few good quality canapés, or light bites (noodles in a box, pasta and meatballs, or sliders) as well as a couple of welcome drinks included in the ticket price and you should have the recipe for a successful event.

For the London Aquarium event I’d play on the fish theme.  Providing fish and chips or sushi as well as some aquatic cocktails would be one idea for food.  Billing it as an opportunity to see the Aquarium at night could attract tourists and Londoners alike.

It’ll be interesting to see what the contestants come up with.

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