What is Public Relations?

What is Public Relations?

This year I’m hoping to help more small business owners and startup entrepreneurs understand what public relations is all about. The purpose; the value and how it can be used to grow a business.

The definition of Public Relations according to the largest industry association, supposedly crowdsourced from its members, is “…a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” It is not pitching journalists or an audience en mass. It’s not hyping a product or service in order to convince people it’s something it’s not.

Public Relations is everything an organization or entrepreneur does to build a relationship between it and an audience. It’s about building trust, credibility and demonstrating that you have a shared interest. It’s about communicating what you stand for; your values and demonstrating that you value the role your audience plans in a relationship.

Public Relations is the platform on which effective marketing communications – the part where you leverage the relationships you’ve established – is built on.

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