WTF BlackBerry?!

If anybody needed proof how bad BlackBerry’s marketing is then you need look no further. I’m speechless. I don’t understand the point of this video, nor do I understand its value to the company as it looks to persuade American consumers to switch from their iOS and Android devices to BlackBerry 10. Should I be surprise? Probably not – this is the same company that started marketing for its make-or-break product four days after launch and ran an 30 second spot that, despite now knowing the thinking behind it, I still don’t get.

Here’s my BlackBerry10 launch marketing plan, including a cover of the Ram Jam song Black Betty… all they’d need to do is change two letters and they’d be done!!  Here’s one Forbes contributor who says they think that BlackBerry 10 may have been an enormous, record-breaking flop.  I agree – I forecast that BlackBerry’s 10 would be another Windows 8 at the end of last year.

3 Replies to “WTF BlackBerry?!”

  1. This wasn’t a marketing effort.

    This was final in a series of what are essentially “thank you”s to the developer community. You’d think that the youtube account (blackberrydev) would be a giveaway…

    1. Whether it is marketing or developer relations or… it’s still an external communication that does nothing to help sell the new handsets. It just makes people scratch their head and reinforces the perception that the company is out of touch. In my opinion.

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