What Social Media Can Learn From Radio

It was one of the very first things I was told when I entered J School – while the delivery medium was a broadcast one, the key to effective broadcasting is to make it personal. Despite the fact that when I worked in radio I was sending messages to tens or hundreds of thousands of people, the key was to make each one must think that we were talking only to them.  It’s something that I’m mindful of every time I press send on a tweet – does what I’m broadcasting – because that’s effectively what I’m doing – have the potential to start a personal conversation with my ‘listeners’?

Now I know that in the same way that it wasn’t always possible to achieve it when I was on radio, I don’t always achieve it with my tweets.  But I try.  And, it’s a lesson that businesses need to learn when developing their social media strategies.  Rather than broadcasting they need to understand who their target audience is and target the tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn group posts and Google + updates accordingly.

Attending #140Conf12 in New York earlier this week I was reminded of the importance of integrity, credibility and humanity in social media.  In a world where so much of corporate communications is electronic it would be good to remember that people, ultimately, buy from people.  Isn’t it time your business started personal conversations with your audience, rather than simply using social media to broadcast your message?


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  1. This is exactly where I think Twitter and Google+ are ahead of the game. Both instant forms of communication, and G+ adds visual “hangouts.”

    Its a great time for social media, and I hope to have more companies take advantage of what they can offer!

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