What BlackBerry needs to demonstrate today

Today is #BlackBerry10 day! We’ve waited a long time for it.  I’ve been pretty pessimistic about RIM’s chances of turning things around over the last year. BlackBerry claims its new operating system is ‘Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented’ so today I wanted to write about what I’m hoping to see at the launch today.

Without them there’s no chance RIM will be Re-serected.

Passion.  It’s the foundation of every great brand and I’m hoping that today RIM starts re-building an emotional relationship with both existing and potential new customers. A straight product introduction won’t cut it for RIM this time.

Some ‘Holy Sh!t’ moments. Steve Jobs was famous for them, and RIM needs to deliver a few at today’s launch presentation. RIM needs to disrupt the market and without any moments it’ll be fighting an uphill battle to make BlackBerry 10 a success.

Renewed Focus.  I wrote last year that one of the biggest missteps by RIM was that it lost sight of its customers. Having built an established Enterprise following RIM chased the iPhone crowd – and has been on a losing trajectory ever since.  BlackBerry10 will have 6 products in 2013 – and each one needs to be targeted at a specific user demographic group.

A killer strategic and tactical marketing plan.  RIM’s marketing has been woeful for longer than I care to remember – and that needs to have been fixed. The company has invested in its first Superbowl commercial to support the launch of BlackBerry10. It’s got to be good. The company also needs 7 tactical plans – one for rebuilding the corporate brand profile and one each for its six new BlackBerry10 products launching in 2013.

If RIM still hasn’t fixed its marketing problems it’ll be the marketing, not the technology, that kills BlackBerry10!

Carriers. In order to make BlackBerry10 a success RIM needs to have major carriers willing to take its new handsets from day 1 – a strong turnout of support at the launch would certainly settle investors nerves. Without them, BlackBerry10 could be dead on arrival. If reports I’m reading about a story in today’s Wall Street Journal later today are to be believed… RIM could be in trouble.

Something ‘cool’. And I’m talking subzero cool. While the reviews and leaks of the new BlackBerry Z10 handset and OS look good, if RIM wants to persuade former BlackBerry customers to return to the fold – let alone persuade dyed-in-the-wool iPhone and Android users BlackBerry10 will need something cool. And, I’m talking Samuel L Jackson cool!

RIM is streaming the long-awaited launch via its newsroom page which starts at 10am ET/7PT/3pm UK

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  1. Hi,
    I am a uni student, doing some research on what and when went wrong with RIM after having a successful time. what strategic mistakes RIM made and where they are standing right now?
    I need some reading stuff relevant to that. Anything substantial would be appreciated.


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