How to use video to differentiate your marketing

Yesterday I was talking with @mone_Knows  about innovation in PR.  I mentioned how very few companies have worked out how to use video as part of their public relations, marketing and online customer service activities, and she showed me a video that glasses retailer Warby Parker had made for her when she was looking for a new pair.

I tweeted the company that I liked what the company was doing and they made me a video to say thank you.  Very cool – and not just because they made me a video.  They could have made it about them but they didn’t – it was about me.  It’s not a sales video, there’s no hard sell… it’s friendly, personal and – because it’s video – it shows a little of the personality of the brand.  It also demonstrates that using video as part of your PR, marketing and customer service activities can be quick [their video came just a couple of hours after my original tweet], cost-effective and builds a relationship with an audience – whether its customers, prospects, journalists or influencers.

Check out Warby Parker’s YouTube channel to see how they’re doing it.  None of the videos has a huge number of views – and that’s OK.  It’s not the point.  The videos aren’t about viewer numbers, they’re about building a personal relationship with their audience.   And, before you think that it only works because Warby Parker is a consumer business, think again.  Video works for B2B businesses too – you just have to figure out how best to use it for your target audience.

So, next time you’re wondering how to differentiate your business, and build a relationship with a target audience, think video.

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