Unrequited Love, or The Start of Something Beautiful at RIM?


Having criticized RIM for its lack of marketing innovation I wanted to share this video, made for the company’s BlackBerry Jam currently taking place in San Jose.  The event – a developer conference – hopes to encourage developers to create new applications for the next generation of handsets running BlackBerry 10 [BB10] slated for launch in Q1 2013.  The video is a spoof of the REO Speedwagon hit “Keep on Loving You”, “performed” by a band of three senior RIM executives – including Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations. Somebody has spent days rewriting the lyrics to fit the BlackBerry message.

While this one video alone won’t turn around RIM’s fortunes in the smartphone market, it is at least a sign that it’s prepared to take risks with the marketing around the BB10 launch.  I’m not sure that it will hit the mark with its target audience [developers] but does demonstrate that BlackBerry is thinking creatively [at last] about how it communicates.  When the company starts communicating with customers and prospective BB10 buyers it’s going to need to do something amazing – certainly better than this.

The video has got me thinking about what the next song that band could be.  BlackBerry Magic Woman? Anything from the Stevie Wonder album Songs In The Qwerty Keyboard of Life? Paint It BlackBerry?  Why not share your ideas in the comments section below?


3 Replies to “Unrequited Love, or The Start of Something Beautiful at RIM?”

  1. Well I guess something worked. I almost bailed after about 30 seconds but I hung in there and at some point I thought – this is kinda fun. The song is nothing to me musically but the message seems sincere and a strong gesture. (I’m saying this as a developer who can appreciate a complete API.)

    Follow ups? Maybe ‘Blackberry Beret’?

    1. Nice – another classic. I’m not convinced by the song itself, but I do think it shows that there is some more structured creative thought going in to the marketing – which can only be a good thing.

      How about a rendition of the Spandau Ballet classic… Bold

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