Social Media Has A Dark Side

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Social Media has a dark side intent on playing jedi mind tricks

Who’d have thought it? The Social Media Jedi has a dark side.

Earlier in the week I was contacted by Gerry Moran about a post in which I’d called out something he’d written called Learn To Be A Social Media Jedi in 5 Steps as doing a disservice to the industry, potential customers and himself.  I’ve subsequently added more examples to illustrate my point because Gerry is not the only person behaving in this way.

Read my post – and Gerry’s comments – here: ‘An Open Letter To Social Media Ninjas, Jedis, Gurus, Wizards…

One thing that Gerry says in his comments is “Be nice and be a positive part of the community… especially with those that get it”.  What, I suspect, Gerry really means is,“don’t tell anybody that this is hogwash – I’m building a reputation based on it.” But, I’m tired of playing nice with people who keep spreading this nonsense – saying nothing means they continue to pollute the industry with this rubbish that makes it harder for companies to understand the value of doing it properly.

It’s not just social media, the public relations industry has been getting away with it for years, and I’m tired of it.  I’m tired of people thinking that awareness is what public relations and marketing is all about, in the same way as I’m tired of people telling entrepreneurs that they HAVE to be doing social media.  They don’t.  It’s just easier to play a numbers game than it is to actually deliver results based on communicating with a targeted message to a defined audience. In the same way as it’s easy to call yourself a Jedi or Ninja and charge somebody for updating a handful of social platforms without any specific plan.

Even Gerry isn’t convinced.  The strength of his message is diluted as you read the piece he wrote.  It goes from ‘Learn To Be A Social Media Jedi in 5 Steps to ‘5 Steps Toward Being A Social Media Jedi‘ within a handful of short paragraphs.

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Learn to Be A Social Media Jedi in 5 Steps? Not quite.

“Be nice and be a positive part of the community… especially with those that get it.” Not likely Gerry.  Not while I have an ounce of energy left in me… you and the Jedis, Ninjas, Gurus and Wizards make have the Facebook, but you are not a Jedi yet!

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