UnMarketing is actually… er, Marketing?!

Last year I was given a tongue-lashing by the publisher of a video feature because I suggested that a comment about Scott Stratten was unfair and unjustified. Rather than me re-hashing the post, you can read it – and the ensuing exchanges – here.

The response did, however, get me thinking.  Had I judged Scott prematurely? I wanted to read his book “UnMarketing. Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.” to see whether I’d been unfair to Scott in my assessment.  I took copious notes as I read the book – I admit I skimmed a few pages – and I intended to write a detailed review pointing out what I agreed and disagreed with. But, I realized nobody wants to read an almost page-by-page critique – they can read the book and draw their own conclusions.

So, I’ve decided to distil my take on the book with these two observations:

The title is wrong.  What it should, in my opinion, have been sub-titled is ‘Stop Selling. Start Marketing.’

Everything described in the book is essentially marketing.  Un Marketing is, it would appear, otherwise known as marketing!

But ‘Stop Marketing. Start Marketing’ doesn’t work, does it?!