Is A Retweet An Endorsement?

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Is a RT an endorsement?

I see this on so many journalist and influencer twitter profiles and often wonder why they feel the need to make the point.  A RT was never intended to be an endorsement.

The only conclusion I’ve come to is that they believe that every piece of content or information they share on twitter has added weight by their sharing it… and they’re so influential that they only want to endorse the things that choose.  I’m just not sure how they differentiate between the things they think they don’t endorse and the things they do, since I rarely see overt recommendations from these people.  Perhaps there’s a secret tweet code [social media’s equivalent of a handshake] that only the cool kids understand.

Let’s be clear about what a RT really is: it’s a way to pass on information. Period.

It’s a social media way of  something we all do.  It’s a way of saying, ‘did you hear…’ or ‘I thought this was interesting’, on twitter.  I’m not suggesting that you should believe what they say, nor am I agreeing with or endorsing it.  I’m simply sharing what they said. You might find it interesting!

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