I was asked earlier this week what the PSY – GANGNAM STYLE videos were all about and why they are getting so many hits right now.  I have to confess I don’t get it, but I do understand why they, and the spoof videos, are getting so many views on YouTube.  It’s the perfect marketing storm of having the right product in the right place, at the right time, and targeted at the right audience.  The video above has been viewed more than 230 million times and has introduced the Korean rapper PSY [real name Park Jae-sang], and his music, to millions of people who wouldn’t already have known anything about his work.  As a result, I’m guessing he’s probably going to sell a few more albums – many of them outside of his traditional markets in Asia.

It’s also a perfect example of how things can go viral.  Why are the videos so popular in North America and Europe?  Because they were hot in Asia, were spotted by taste-makers in North America and Europe… the videos were then shared with their peer group, spoofs started to emerge [relevant to audiences unlikely to see the original videos], which prompted viewers to watch the videos that inspired the spoofs.  Repeat this a few times and you get to 230 million views.  If you want an example of the power of social media communications, I can’t think of a better one right now!

While I can’t guarantee that following this model will deliver hundreds of millions of viewers for your viral video, getting the marketing mix right will give you the best chance of attracting new customers.

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