Why Content IS NOT King

If you believe the marketing ‘experts’ Content in King – and content marketing is going to be huge in 2013.  It makes sense when you think about it – the objective of most marketeers is to get coverage that promotes their product, service or company. Historically this was via the press [print and, more recently, online], but with the advent of blogs companies get to be their own publishers.  They can create as much content as they like at, relatively, low-cost – and often bypass those unpredictable, sometimes grumpy [the perception, not the truth] and ill-informed [because why would they not want to write about MY company?!] journalists!

But think about it.  If content were really King then the New York Times Bestseller list would be filled with 1000 page War and Peace-style tomes, email marketing wouldn’t be so universally loathed, click-through rates wouldn’t be so low, companies wouldn’t be face with increasing the volume of inbound leads in order to meet new customer numbers. The problem is that most marketing content is promotional content – and it stinks!

Content is NOT King and the sooner marketeers start to understand that the more effective their marketing will become.  Content is only King if  it delivers the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, in an appropriate format and is delivered via the right mechanism/channel. This applies whether it’s a press release, an email marketing piece, a billboard advertisement, a print ad, an online video, a webinar, a blog post, a white paper, TV spot… and it’s why the likes of TechCrunch, The Financial Times, The New York Times, Gawker, Mashable and The Sun have loyal readers that come back day after day, after day!  They deliver good quality content that their readers want to consume in the right way [most publications now offer print, online, mobile and iPad/tablet apps] – if all they did was talk about themselves it’s unlikely they’d keep their readers very long!

So, next time somebody tells you that content is King… don’t believe a word of it!

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