Rethink what’s possible…

How much do you think it would cost to launch a camera into near space and take photographs of the earth? If I told you that you could do it for $400 you’d think I was crazy, right?

I had the privilege to be part of TEDxWaterloo yesterday and one of the most inspiring talks was by Toronto student Matthew Ho who told about how he and a friend had sent cameras and a Lego figure into near space and taken photographs of the earth’s atmosphere – using only the contents of a small plastic crate totalling just $400.  ‘Putting a camera into space is really not that difficult’, the audience was told… and that got me thinking.  Far too many good ideas get mothballed because it appears too crazy or difficult.

I founded THINK DIFFERENT[LY] with the mission to encourage companies to think beyond the traditional boundaries of marketing communications. We look at how we can complement the traditional disciplines with new ideas and approaches and challenge the traditional assumptions of effective marketing, public relations and marketing – because we believe that when you do amazing things can happen… like launching a camera into near space for $400.

You can watch a video of Matthew’s achievements below:


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