Friends, Folks and Followers…

Two words that I’m hearing online and in media interviews – friends and folks.  The first is increasingly used before a request for help – to share something or do something to increase their credibility online – or to get people to pay attention because, well a friend would, wouldn’t they?!  The second, is increasingly used after a statement to normalize it or to try and implore you to believe what has come before because the user is just like you.  Cut them some slack won’t you?

The two terms are – to my mind – used increasingly as communications tactics and are becoming increasingly ineffective.  I wonder why they’re using them – unless I really am their friend or ‘folks’ is a term that they’ve used for years.  Too often these terms are being used to manipulate; to win favour; for their advancement.  Not because it’s sincere.

So, next time you hear somebody address you as a ‘friend’ or as a ‘folk’ stop for a second and ask yourself why!

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