Who is your audience?

Identifying the right audience is the most important piece of any successful PR program. It enables message, delivery mechanism and timing to be tailored specifically and allows a businesses to figure out how to go about building a relationship with it.  In many cases it is about values and vision, rather than products of services – a common mistake made by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

A mistake that many businesses make is assuming that their audience is everybody  but just because, in the internet-connected world we live in just, because an organization can – in theory contact anybody and everybody – doesn’t mean that they should.  Defining your audience will enable you to target the message, the delivery mechanism and the timing to increase the chances of PR delivering the outcomes you want.

In today’s edition of the THINK PR Espresso we look at how to create an audience persona that will form the basis of your next PR, marketing or publicity program.


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