New iPad is another piece in Apple’s bid to change the face of TV

What do you think to the new iPad announced yesterday?  What about the updates to Apple TV?  For those wanting an Apple television and a revolutionary new iPad the announcement was, perhaps, an anti-climax but it was another marketing masterclass from the Cupertino-based company.  Yesterday’s announcements were, I believe, more about Apple putting the final pieces of its strategy in place for its attempt, later in the year, to revolutionize the television industry.

In recent years TV Everywhere – all your content on every device, when you want it – has become the latest service for Pay TV operators and telecommunications service providers looking to reduce churn and increase revenues.  Increasingly consumers are demanding 1080p [true HD] as the default resolution.  Apple’s iPad and TV updates yesterday play to  the launch of its own TV Everywhere later in the year… and yes, it’s likely that there’ll also be an Apple television before the end of the year.

HD video on Apple TV + a second 1080p resolution companion screen + Apple TV HD + iCloud + a revolutionary Siri-powered EPG + a large screen Apple television = an insanely awesome TV service?  The creation of an ecosystem that makes it easy to store content between pre-integrated devices is a critical part of Apple’s desires on the TV industry.  Oh, and there’s also likely to be some smart marketing!

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  1. Takes more than a screen and soe ondemand content to make a TV, hw is it goinng to get non ip conttent…….? Tuner…pfft hardly any content on networks, cablecard like the tivo 4? Cant do on demand.

    1. I agree – and I don’t think Apple’s strategy will be about being responsible for delivering content from FTA broadcast, PayTV operators, or on-demand OTT service providers. I think what the new iPad shows us is that the strategy is more likely to be about the way in which viewers consume the content. 1080p content on an Apple TV set, a retina-screen iPad, HD movies and TV programmes purchased via the iTunes store, and stored in the iCloud for viewing on any device as and when the consumer wants to.

      I also think that the key to Apple’s strategy will include some kind of EPG that brings content from various sources together to make it easy for the viewer to find what they are looking for, and share with other Apple devices [including encrypted content from PayTV operators], without the need for navigating multiple service menus.

      This type of technology/EPG is already being offered by a number of vendors, but no-doubt Apple’s marketing machine will make consumers think that its something only they can deliver.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if the eye glass/laser surgery industry is gearing up for the inevitable problems with human eyes in the future.

    1. Hi Bonnie, I would be surprised if we see some kind of eye surgery in the coming years to enable a heads-up display AI capability of some kind. It sounds like something from an action/sci-fi movie, but I have no doubt we’ll see it at some point in the not too distant future. L

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