Low cost iPhone changes perception of Apple

If, as is being widely reported, Apple launches a low cost iPhone and an update of the iPhone 5, rather than regaining leadership in the segment, it spells the end of the company that Steve Jobs grew from almost bankruptcy in to a technology leviathan. The company that was once a leader in innovating technology, feared by its competitors for the unbending loyalty of its customers and as a company that consumers aspired to own will have gone full circle – and be competing in a commodity market – where price is more of a differentiator than the product itself.

I’ve written about my concerns about Apple’s marketing in recent years. It has gone from being industry leading to being sugary-sweet, self-congratulatory, contrived and a parody of itself – and competitors, most recently Google – have taken delight in poking fun at the company.  This is a slippery slope – just ask BlackBerry.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based company lost sight of what its loyal customers wanted and, as a result, lost many of them. It failed to innovate and the result is clear to anybody who has been following the fate of the company formally known as Research in Motion.  Without an insanely awesome announcement that changes the smartphone industry Apple runs the risk of befalling the same fate as its Canadian rival.

Apple needs to announce a $1000 iPhone, not a cheap handset for the masses in order to regain its market competitiveness and reestablish itself as an aspirational brand.  It runs the risk of becoming the Burberry of the mobile phone industry!

You can read more on some of these topics here: thinkdifferently.ca/differently/tag/apple/‎

Do you agree?  What’s your take on Apple’s latest announcements?  I’d love to hear your views in the comments section below.

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