Let’s Get Social? | Haters Gonna Hate

They say that theses days if you don’t upset somebody you’re doing something wrong. But haters are going to hate, right? Well, if the reaction to this song, written by Phil Mershon, Director of Events at Social Media Examiner and performed by Mary McCoy at Social Media World earlier this year is anything to go by then the song is an almost perfect. It has upset lots – and I mean LOTS – of people – most of them the socialites the song places in its ironic crosshairs.

The song sums up the current state of social media and the problems it faces – where the often self-appointed doyens of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the ilk turn on what, by the  number of views, shares and comments it has received, would appear to be a perfect example of everything they evangelize.  It has ticked all of the boxes of the perfect piece of social content marketing and has got people talking about it.

The only problem is that it pokes fun at the behaviour of the people that have assumed the role of the socialati  [OK, I made that word up!].  Many of them – in the audience at Social Media World – were willing participants in the prank dutifully pulling out their cellphones to take ‘selfies’ at the order of Phil Mershon.

I wrote about the dark side of social media a few months ago – where those that have presumed leadership of the discipline [although it is, in reality, only the use of a collection of platforms] seek to retain their superiority by attacking those that seek to question their authority.  The more that we stand up to the so-called social ‘experts’ and call them out the sooner they might understand that social media is about conversation and not about vanity metrics and superiority.

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