How do I create Insanely Simple startup PR & Marketing campaigns?

Want to know some of the secrets of campaigns like THINK DIFFERENT!, the iPod and iMac launches and the Mac vs. PC adverts?

This is a must watch video interview with Ken Segall, a former Apple ad agency guy that worked closely with Steve Jobs on many of the most important campaigns of the company’s renaissance. ┬áKen’s book is also a must read for budding entrepreneurs looking to understand how to market their products and services to early adopters, prospects and the media. ┬áSimplicity is hard but, with practice, it will help you communicate your startup’s key messages to your target audience[s] more effectively and have them take the actions you want them to.

2 Replies to “How do I create Insanely Simple startup PR & Marketing campaigns?”

  1. Regarding the Mac vs PC ads… A “PC” or personal computer is not OS specific. It is by definition a single user stand alone computer. An Apple or Linux based computer is also a “PC”

    Why do they compare Mac versus PC when it is actually an attack of Apple versus Windows? Were they afraid of legal issues if the ads compared Mac versus Windows?

    1. Good morning, Sir.

      I think it’s a great example of a company understanding their customers’ frame of reference and communicating with them on that basis, rather than trying to educate them in a way that is factually correct. I’m not sure that an OSX vs. Windows XP/NT/Vista/7/8 advert would have worked; I’m almost certain it would never have seen the light of day.

      Because the mass market associated the PC with Microsoft it was easy for them to use it to promote the Mac.

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