How will Apple spend its billions

It’s a question that everybody in the tech world has been asking for many years… what will Apple do with its insanely large amount of cash in the bank.  Tomorrow at 6am PT|9am ET we’ll get some answers from CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer.

We thought we’d enter into the fun with a few of our own predictions, before the announcement is made, so here goes:

  • Launch an X-Prize-like competition designed to inspire the next generation of technology entrepreneurs.
  • Establish a Steve Jobs Centre of Excellence, to be built as part of the new Apple campus, designed to develop the U.S.’ next generation of technology inventors
  • Apple announce that it will acquire Canadian Enterprise email experts Research in Motion for $1 billion
  • Create its own mobile carrier – called Apple Telephone and Telegraph [AT&T for short!!]
  • Apple will launch an airline – called iFly – intended to revolutionize the air travel industry
  • Launch iHotels – perhaps located at airports around the world.  They could be known as AirPort Hotels, if you like!  They would come with a tech-enabled shuttle service – perhaps known as the AirPort Express.
  • Buy an island and declare its independence create its own state… Apple iLand anybody?
  • Purchase RIM and run it as an Enterprise division of the company

Tim Cook might even do something even more insanely awesome – for shareholders, at least – and pay a dividend to its common stock holders.  What ever the plans are, we’ll know more at 6am PT [9am ET] tomorrow.

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