Focus on the marketing, not the social media

There are ‘experts’ in just about everything marketing-related these days.  I see profiles, books, articles and receive emails that talk about social media marketing; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest strategies, authentic, viral, influencer… you name it, there’s somebody that will try to convince you that they can help you market your business using one social media tool or another.

In reality, any of the flavours of ‘marketing aren’t’ – they are promotion – and anybody that tells you to focus more on prefix than on the suffix [the social media rather than the marketing] needs to be treated with extreme caution.  Aside from the fact that the majority clearly don’t understand the relationship between marketing and promotion  [promotion is one of the original 4Ps or marketing] the focus on one [or all] social platform won’t help you if you haven’t got the other 3Ps worked out.  They will also not help if your proposition is wrong, your message doesn’t work with your target audience, your product needs work or the delivery platform is the wrong one.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard any of these social media marketing experts talking about  Price, Product or Place… let alone message, proposition, target audience [in terms that are specific to a business…].  I’m not going to say they never do, just that I don’t remember the last time I actually heard a social media marketing ‘expert’ mention one of them – let alone all of them.

So, next time somebody tells you that social media marketing is the silver bullet for your business ask them how they can help you with the marketing, not just the social media.  If they look confused [or alarmed] call me – I can help.

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