Evaluating PR and marketing effort

Evaluating the effectiveness of any communications program is essential – but too often agencies say it’s intangible – citing awareness and thought-leadership. In reality, if you know what success looks like before you start and create a campaign designed to achieve it, it’s easy to measure whether something is working.

Here are a few tips:

  • Set small, and tangible outcomes, as well as long-term goals. It enables you to understand what needs to happen to get to the destination and evaluate whether your strategy and tactics are moving you towards the ultimate outcome.
  • Break activity in to four parts: audience, message, timing and delivery mechanism. It makes it easier to evaluate what’s working and what’s not – and make changes to improve the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Monitor progress – regularly. It enables you to make changes if you’re not getting the desired outcomes.
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes. Monitor activity every 30 days and ask yourself which activities you need to continue, which you need to stop [because they’re not adding value] and come up with new ideas that will help improve the effectiveness of the effort.

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