What is the difference between PR and publicity?

If PR is media coverage, what is publicity?

This is a question I’ve asked both industry peers and customers alike.  While it’s a rhetorical question with customers, I’m always hopeful that somebody in my industry can explain it to me.  Either that, or they’ll realize that what most ‘PR’ firms sell isn’t public relations at all – it’s publicity.

Most of the time my question is met with silence.  It’s an awkward silence when the conversation is face-to-face and when the conversation is online I get no response.

I thought I’d ask it again today.  The topic of the Future of Communications was being discussed at an event in London, England and so I hoped somebody might be able to offer an answer.  I was disappointed, again.  Or perhaps I wasn’t.

The best I got was from John Brown, Hotwire PR’s Head of Engagement [also known as @brownbare on Twitter] – and it was remarkably honest.

John Brown Hotwire PR Publicity

He’s right.  It’s something I’ve long said.  The problem is that publicity, or awareness, is what most PR firms charge thousands of dollars per month to deliver for their customers.  And now John Brown says it has no real purpose, other than excruciating indulgence.

When I suggested PR was about building and maintaining relationships John was equally candid:

John Brown PR Bollocks

He went on to explain, when I cited the PRSA definition, crowdsourced from PR industry ‘pros’ that people where talking about Google + in 2012.  It’s perhaps worth pointing out that some people still are – and I’m one of them.

So, if PR isn’t about relationships and publicity has no value, what exactly is it that most PR and publicity firms do?  What is their value proposition?  How are they justifying their expensive retainer fees?

Ah, I know… they’re content marketers these days! And, it’s all about storytelling and engagement.



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  1. I don’t understand why you say publicity has no value. If nobody is aware that your product exists how can you make any sales? Without some sort of awareness a business cannot exist. So how can publicity have no value?

    1. Hi Mark,

      Because in most cases it’s simply awareness without any consideration of whether it is with the right people. Awareness is often measured by a term called ‘reach’ – the number of people that may have been exposed to a piece of coverage. The fact that 99.9% of them may have no interest in your product; may never purchase it; may already have purchased a product from a competitor; may not have the budget; may not understand why they should care about your product or service…

      If you’re spending $5000 a month to reach the 0.1% of people that might be interested it’s of little value. Being aware doesn’t mean somebody will become a customer.

      There’s no commercial value (it won’t help move your business forward) in this type of publicity.

      Does this help?

      Best wishes,


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