The 80:20 Rule of PR and marketing

There’s a pretty established rule in business – that 80% of revenues comes from 20% of your customer base.  For many years the PR and marketing industry has misunderstood this – spending 80 percent of their effort attempting to communicate with the 80 percent,  in the hope of attracting the attention of the 20%, rather than focusing everything they do on the 20% that are likely to become customers.

PR has become nothing more than a numbers game that consumes agency hours on a standard process – that is the same irrespective of the audience, the product or service, the message and the desired outcome.  So, is there any wonder why most campaigns don’t deliver the results that businesses want?  Most PR and marketing campaigns, direct email and social media programs fail to deliver even a 5% conversion rate.

If you’re trying to deliver a message to an audience of thousands, in the hope of starting a conversation with a few tens of people, why not focus 80% percent of your efforts on delivering the right message to the 20%, at an appropriate time, via the right channel?

If you’re ready to think differently about PR and marketing come and find out how we can help your business establish long-term, rewarding relationships with your 20% get in touch.


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